Mouse Histology & Phenotyping Laboratory Services Offered:

  • Histopathology (slide interpretation)
  • Histopathology toxicity evaluation
  • Training in necropsy techniques including perfusion of mice and special tissue dissection
  • Assistance with development of animal pathology protocols
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) – Using tyramide signal amplification (TSA) and ABC methods (automated), with DAB chromogenic substrate. See documents below for details.
  • TUNEL assay
  • Freezing and embedding of tissues for histology
  • Frozen sections
  • Paraffin block processing and Paraffin sections
  • Hematoxylin and Eosin staining of sections
  • Specialized histochemical staining of sections (e.g. Trichrome, PAS, Luxol fast blue, Cresyl violet, and many other stains)
  • Consultation